Publishing Services

As a contract and in-house publisher of online and offline magazines and platforms, it is tpg media’s job to remind your customers why you’re the best in the business. We do this by drawing on our unrivalled media communications experience with our team of stand-out creative talents to produce products that your customers love reading.

tpg media has the best in-house writers in English and Arabic, a genuinely creative design team, and expert marketers who develop a deep understanding of your goals to ensure that your message is received loud and clear.

We can create your brand guidelines, editorial guidelines and advise on your strategy. If you already have these components in place, we can follow them to the letter. At tpg media, we also understand the importance of getting the approach right when dealing with ‘second language readers’. This means ensuring that the language is used appropriately for the given message and is easily understood. Incorporating the subtleties of the Arabic language is vital in achieving this, resulting in the copy being both accurate and engaging.